Hello Coach!  

Yes! you can start your business 
and set it up for success in this 

Billion Dollar + industry!

Be the Go-Getter that you are and take action! 

Join "Coaching Business Kickstart" and we’ll teach you the simple 
way to build lasting coaching business full of happy, paying clients. 

Let's talk about YOU!


You're ready for AWESOME CLIENTS!

But not just *a handful* of clients. 

You want a business FULL of clients.

You want a profitable, sustainable business that pays for the roof over your head, food on the table helps pay for education, vacations, retirement and so much more.  

You want freedom and flexibility in your life. 

That's you, right? 

But how do you get that amazing coaching business?

You’ve probably got a few questions!

And you have a lot of doubts ...

In order to succeed 

You need have business skills

The good news: Building a business isn’t terribly complicated. Really, it's not.

You can absolutely do it, even if you have no business background or skills.

All you need to do is learn....

You've already learned the coaching skills,  now you're ready to learn BUSINESS SKILLS.

So how do you build your coaching business (and set it up for success)?

There is so much offered out there...

There seems to be millions  of business programs, people, blogs, retreats, conferences, podcasts all full of completely different advice on pricing, programs, offers, sales and so much more.  

It’s overwhelming. I totally  get it. 
Ever wonder if it didn’t have to be so confusing or hard?   Let me tell you, IT DOESN’T.
You'll need some step by step strategies and systems in place to help get your business going including how to onboard 
your clients. 
You want a way to find out who your client is, and what they need and package up how your can help them- all in a can't miss irresistible  way! 
You want to educate, attract, convert and continue to grow your new coaching business while helping your clients get the best results possible.  

That is where "Coaching Business Kickstart" comes in

Coaching Business Kickstart is a simple all-in-one and get it done start up your coaching business program (and set it up for success!)

You'll be able to start, grow and know how to scale your new awesome coaching business. 

Coaching business Kickstart  will help you get your coaching business full of happy paying clients. 

Start, grow and scale your coaching business in a simple, strategic way

Most business coaching programs only teach you the basics, and then leave you on your own.  

But Coaching Business Kickstart helps you every step of the way!

Coaching Business Kickstart is an amazing community, with an ongoing group training program all geared toward helping you build a successful, sustainable lasting business that you love.

It's not about just getting you  a few clients.  We want you to get A WHOLE LOT OF CLIENTS.

no get rich quick or slimy vibes or any vague nonsense and fluff.

Instead, we show you the systems and the steps, and you just do the work and follow them! 

We provide templates and scripts and so much more to 
help you get your business started and set up for success. 

Here’s the real honest to goodness truth: Successful coaching businesses don’t happen overnight. 

Building a successful coaching business takes consistency, a willingness to show up and do the work.


Creating a biz that thrives & helping other women succeed

Coaching Business Kickstart covers all the bases.

What does Coaching Business Kickstart Include?


We offer structured training, support, and community, and 
you’ll get access to everything for a YEAR (12 full months!), because building a sustainable business (and setting it up for success) takes more than just a few weeks.

Included is all of the key training you need to start and grow a coaching business, plus real live support, so you don’t feel alone!

Here's what one coach said...
"I haven't even finished your program, 
and I already have a $2000 paying client!"

Coaching Business Kickstart 

All-in-one & Get-It-Done Program

The amazing extras you don’t see anywhere else…

Reviews & Testimonials

With Coaching Business Kickstart I feel like I’ve gotten further ahead in the last 8 weeks than I have in the last 12 months experimenting and wasting time. This is super great! I can not thank you enough!
Wendy Harris, NC USA

Happy Dance alert: I finally get it!   I get how to start my business!  What to do.  Step-by-step. It all makes sense to me after going through your program.  I am light years ahead of where I was trying to do it on my own. This is awesome!
Tami Jaffe, GA USA

I love her heart! 
She's authentic, wise and down to earth, as well as brilliant and
a very accomplished. 
 Don't give it a second thought,
leap into coaching with Lois. You'll be the better
for it.
Kate Johnson, TX USA

Lois is an amazing soul. She can help you get your business started that will honestly save you so much time, energy and money!   Coaching Business Kickstart really works. I would highly  recommend her program to anyone who asks me.
Carie A. Young, IN USA

Ready to Join other amazing coaches?

8 Modules packed with all you need (and nothing you do not!) 

37 lessons, videos, templates, scripts, guides, workbooks....

Module 1. Success Mindset Foundation
Module 2. Discover your Perfect Niche
Module 3. Design Your Irresistible Offer
Module 4. Build Coaching Business Basics
Module 5. Marketing Made Easy
Module 6. Conquer Client Connection Calls
Module 7. Master Onboarding Clients
Module 8. Superstar Coaching Sessions
24 Coaching calls (bi-monthly group coaching calls, for 12 months)
One Full Year access to the Private Facebook Group
LIFETIME access to the program (all 8 modules, 37 lessons, videos, guides, workbooks, templates, scripts and more... as well as any updates!)

Start Right Away!

The program starts as soon as you sign up!

You’ll get instant access to our student portal as soon as you enroll, and can immediately begin working on your niche and completing your mindset work.

Then work through each module in order, so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

Module One:  Everyone who joins Coaching Business Kickstart  will start at the beginning with Module One so that you build a firm solid foundation. 

Then a new module will automatically unlock, one per week over 8 weeks, to help keep you focused and motivated. 

In the first modules of the program you’ll create your hyper focused "can't miss" niche, know your ideal client, find out what your superpowers (and how to make them work in your business) and dare I say it....you could start landing paying clients.

Work at your own pace. You have plenty of time.
Need help or have a question?

Bring your questions and work to our private Facebook group where our team is at the ready, or hop on one of our regular bi-monthly live support calls for help!
We are for coaches, by coaches, and you’ll feel the good vibes and love when you join us

Ready to Join other amazing coaches?

14 Day NO risk guarantee 

Try Coaching Business Kickstart at no risk! 

Ready to Join other amazing coaches?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Coaching Business Kickstart work anywhere?
Yes! Of course!  In Coaching Business Kickstart we have students from all over the world (helping them make sales and get clients.)  It works worldwide.
Will any niche work?
Absolutely YES!  Any and all niches are welcome in Coaching Business Kickstart.
I have just began my certification/I'm not certified, is this right for me?
Then you are in the right place! You don’t have to be certified to join Coaching Business Kickstart. And if you are on a certification path, the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success is getting your business skills and learning done sooner than later. It’ll save you time and loads of stress down the road, and make your path to a successful business much less in need of a panic-stress freak out (trust me, I've been there!).

If you are wondering if you should join Coaching Business Kickstart now, or wait till you are further along into your certification program, our best advice is to think about how quickly you want to get paying clients. If you want to have them within the next 6-12 months, then join Coaching Business Kickstart sooner rather than later, as it takes time to build your business systems.
I am a brand new coach with zero experience, will this help?
May I say a big hell YES!  Coaching Business Kickstart is perfect for brand new coaches with zero experience. Actually that is the whole reason it was designed and created! 
I am a seasoned coach with an established business, will Coaching Business Kickstart help?
Really, that depends.  Coaching Business Kickstart is ideal and terrific for new coaches, but we have had many seasoned coaches take the program and use it as refresher. It helped them align and focus on what's working and what's not (and how to fix it)  in their current business.  Many established coaches have also said they learned new skills and strategies by taking Coaching Business Kickstart. 
How long will it take to go through the program?
No hurry and no worries!  It is an ALL ONLINE (and get-it-done) program - and it is all SELF-PACED.  

We know you have a full busy life and have responsibilities.  That is why Coaching Business Kickstart is designed to fit in your real life. If you want to go through a lesson at midnight, on your couch, in your pajamas then great.  Or on your lunch break at your desk, or at sunrise on the beach with a cup of coffee. You get the point.  You are in control when you do the program. 

We know that everyone works at a different pace and Coaching Business Kickstart  is certainly not a race nor do we claim to help you start your awesome new coaching business (and set it up for success!) in a super short unrealistic amount of time. Results will always vary based on your level of commitment, engagement, and participation in the program. But you can expect a new module released approximately every two weeks for a total of nine modules. The modules are designed to be completed within a one to two week period. 
Can I get private one on one feedback? 
Coaching Business Kickstart is an awesome group coaching program, not a private one, so we can’t guarantee you’ll get personal feedback on all of your work (our legal team won’t let us!).

But if you join Coaching Business Kickstart now you’ll get access to:
Daily support during the work-week/business hours in our Private Coaching Business Kickstart FB group
Bi-monthly  support and community via our live calls (24 group coaching calls within 12 months!) 

The biggest bonus of a group program is that you can learn so much from others! Seeing other people’s work, seeing what question they have and the answers they receive can inspire you. Mostly, it’s up to you! The more you participate the more support you’ll receive
Do I have access to all 8 modules and 37 lessons all at once? 
Here's what we found out works best to get new coaches the results they want(starting and building  successful coaching business) .....We unlock the one module per week, based on the day you sign up. 

We will not unlock the program any faster as each module builds on itself, and we want to make sure you have build a solid foundation as you go (and we do not want you to get overwhelmed).  The modules and lessons build upon each other.  Once you have full access to all of 8 modules and all 37 lessons you can revisit them whenever you choose.
Do I need to buy more stuff? 
No. Coaching Business Kickstart is a pure training course, and you do not need to  pay for more technology in order to complete our program. The 8  Modules are strategic, and do not require you to invest money in order to build them. 

Instead, we teach you what you need to to know to make the right investment decisions for your business when you are ready. And when we reference a tool or tech option as a part of the training, like a website builder, we try to show you free and/or low-cost solutions to fit any budget.  

The great news? To get your first clients, you won’t need any tech at all – not even a website (really!) – so no worries here!
How long do I have access to Coaching Business Kickstart 
You’ll get access to the Coaching Business Kickstart  program for a LIFETIME.  Yes, a LIFETIME! 

Including any new  material, updates, lessons, templates, scripts, workbooks, videos and more as the program (and the industry)  changes and grows. 

Access to the private Facebook group (and the live, real time, bi-monthly group coaching calls) for 12 months- an entire year of support! 
Can I get a refund is Coaching Business Kickstart is not right for me? 
Yes! Coaching Business Kickstart  comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. Our hope is that your business is transformed with the business skills you develop through this program. We also expect you to give it your all, because starting a new business requires work. And there is no magic bullet to building a coaching business. That’s why in order to be eligible for our 14 Day Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did all the Module 1 coursework and lessons.

If you do the full Module 1 coursework and all the lessons, and then don’t feel that it helped you, and submit your work within 14 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. To be clear, if you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 14 day period, no refund will be issued
I have another question that is not listed here 
No problem!  Please feel free to email us at:  hello@loislavria.com
Lois Lavrisa Coaching, Lavrisa ENterprises, Inc, COaching Business Kickstart ©  all rights reserved
Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide. However, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials.
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